Our Team. 

Our family fell in love with our Tower Garden and started sharing our excitement with our family, friends & community. Our passion has turned into our family business. Our Mission is to inspire healthy living and while our focus is on nutrition, however, human connection and the environment are just as important to healthy living! 

Owner: Lisa/Whinny

I love my family, my animals, nature and nutrition. I have a deep desire to grow and nurture relationships around caring for people, animals, wildlife and the environment. I hope to meet you soon, Lisa (aka Whinny: it's "grandma" in horse)

Navigator: Scott

ZUF's greatest supporter, fixer upper, tool guy and heavy lifter. Scott has a passion for learning and experiencing new adventures, like a new family business! He loves nature and organic Tower Gardens for yummy food!

Social Media: Atlanna

Our youngest "staff", she loves to help with everything! She loves eating Kale, spinach and basil straight off of the Tower Garden. Her favorite part of the job is meeting new people.

Partner: Yeahsen

Yeahsen will not only share joy, but inspire those living with people with disabilities. He loves high school, friends and animals. He aims to become one of ZUF's finest partners. He looks forward to a life after High School where he can meet new people and smile every day.

Service Dog: Paco

Our ICAN Service Dog is one of the most important members of the team! He will come with us as we visit people and give presentations. He is the sweetest dog and will make everyone he meets feel good and will support Yeahsen's special needs!

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