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Our Mission is to inspire healthy living. While our emphasis is on nutrition, we think that building human connection and supporting the environment are just as important to healthy living! We cultivate healthy communities through inspired education and by supporting Tower Garden systems to provide freshly harvested food for everyone. We believe that every school, restaurant, residence, and commercial building can benefit from a year-round aeroponic garden.

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About Us

I started Zionsville Urban Farms to grow a business with my special needs son, Yeahsen. As a direct distributor of Tower Gardens, we provide people a way to grow fruits & vegetables in their homes, classrooms & community centers all year long (both indoor and outside) with Aeroponic Tower Gardens


Watch a Video

This video illustrates how Tower Garden growing system uses aeroponics—the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil—to produce more colorful, better tasting and incredibly nutritious fruit, vegetables and herbs:

Why Tower Gardens

Just because you don’t have a plot of land doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own food. It just means you need to get vertical! Tower Garden® represents the next generation of urban farming. This highly efficient aeroponic growing system allows you to grow MASSIVE AMOUNTS of produce in a TINY AMOUNT of space — in about HALF THE TIME of traditional soil-based agriculture, using just A FRACTION of the water and space!

School Tower Gardens

Building a new & effective food system is everyone's obligation and it starts with education. Tower Gardens turns every classroom into a place that nourishes bodies and minds. Tower Gardens inspire, challenge and get kids growing in ways that transform their lives.

Tower Garden

Meet "Tower Tim" the inventor
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Tower Garden

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